Sunday, 9 February 2014

Magic reindeer project

In November 2013 I was invited by Lane Cove council to take part in a collaborative project with 5 other artists and create a reindeer for a public Christmas display in Lane Cove. The reindeer were to be made of recycled materials and express each artists individual style. I used a whole heap of old heavy weight curtains which I embroidered with a mix of colours, styles and designs. The frame of the reindeer was made by a very talented scrap metal artist called Jodhi Doyle (pictured with me above). I described to Jodhi what I needed and he created a stunning frame out of scrap wire, old bits of metal piping and a spectacular set of old cast iron table legs for the reindeer antlers. You can see more of Jodhi's work here
And here I am pictured with Angela van Boxtel (right) ( and Anne Marie Cummins (left).

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