Sunday, 23 March 2014

Exquisite Korean embroidery

Recently I was given a rare opportunity to have a close look at the most exquisite Korean embroidery. My friend (and embroidery buddy) Yumi Wong-Pan let me borrow and take home six vintage silk wedding panels (yay! And eek!) The panels are about 70 years old and their luxurious feel and stunning thread work cannot be described in words nor can it be conveyed in the photos I took. The panels were approximately 1.2m long and 40cm wide. From what I could tell by looking at the work, most of the embroidery was done in single strand some details with 2 strands. It's not just the technical skill that is to be admired here but the colour choices and illustration are equally awe inspiring. The majority of stitches are sarin and stem stitch. The person who created these was evidently a very skilled needle worker as well as a highly talented artist. Yumi is planning to hand them to a museum. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to handle these and examine them closely. I feel so inspired!


Detail of the back side of the flower pictured above.