Friday, 21 August 2015

Polish folk art on Sydney streets.

Not so long ago I was comissioned for another public art work by the local council in the Lane Cove area where I live in Sydney. These are electricity boxes that you see by the road side. There are a lot of them around and many Sydney councils have been comissioning artists to paint these. It's wonderful to drive around Sydney and see these random artworks on the sides of roads. My design is heavily influenced by Polish folk art... pretty obvious! If you're in the area these boxes are located on the corner of Epping Rd and Centennial Ave in Lane Cove. Funny story with these was that when I was painting them someone called the police to say that I was vandalising public property! I spoke to the police and explained. No arrests were made and the officers both complimented me on the design. You can see more photos on my Instagram account.

Take a white vintage table cloth...

If you have any old table cloths at home that have maybe yellowed somewhat or are stained and you can't get the stains out, here is somehting you can do. I dyed this table cloth in green dye. This was originally white but had yellow stains on it that I couldnt get rid of. I hand drew the floral patterns on this and then chose orange and white as contrasting colours. I LOVE the result!

Australian Floral Emrboidery

I did these flowers a few months ago and recently took them out again. Now that the weather in Sydney is getting warmer I'm keen to go bush walking and see the stunning Australian wild flowers that are coming into bloom as we speak :)

This floral emboridery was inspired by Australian natives.