About me

I'm a Polish born Textile Folk-Artist living in Sydney, Australia. All my work is greatly influenced by my Polish heritage drawing on my love for all the decorative and colourful folk-art around which I spent the early part of my childhood. Although my favourite artistic expression is via the textile medium, in particular screen printing and embroidery combined, I also paint on and decorate a myriad of surfaces, with Easter eggs being a constant favourite every year.

My philosophy is that creativity lives inside all of us and can be expressed in thousands of ways. No one has to limit themselves to any one particular medium or style. You do not have to be 'talented' (if you dont believe this read the book called "Talent Is Overrated") to create beautiful things. All you have to do is put your own self into something that you create. It automatically becomes unique and gains deeper meaning because it was created by you. And you don't have to devote yourself to creativity full time to experience your own creations coming to life. I hope you find inspiration on these pages.

Apart from my daily creativity around fabrics and surfaces I also teach freestyle embroidery to both adults and children. Please see the "classes" page for more information. Please contact me at kasiajtextiles@gmail.com if you're interested in commissions, private embroidery classes or collaborations.

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About my choice of fabrics:
My preferred fabric is Industrial Hemp; raw and blended with other natural fibres such as silks and organic cottons, I also use recycled and repurposed fabrics. I'm a strong believer in conscious consumption and production and create everything with regard to how the product will impact the environment not only during production but long after it is no longer being used. Industrial Hemp has an important place in my work and in our ecology and industry. It is a plant that can be easily grown with no chemical pesticides, using less than half the water needed for commercial cotton yet yielding more fibre per hectare than cotton. Hemp has hundreds of uses other than producing a strong textile. It is being used worldwide for medicine, cosmetics and skincare, building and construction materials, food and paper. Much information is available about this versatile plant and I urge everyone to learn more about it.

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