Sunday, 13 April 2014

What you can expect from one of my workshops

Hello friends,
I've been running small embroidery workshops since last year. I enjoy them immensely and I am happy to say so do my students. I keep the class numbers small, never more than 6 people. This allows for plenty of one on one guidance and discussion. There is ample time for discussion, sharing of ideas and questions about projects that the students are keen to start at home after the class. The pace and atmosphere is relaxed and each student can work to their own pace. No one has to worry that they might be slower or less experienced than other students. I invite you to come along to one of my workshops in May, you will leave inspired and with an age old craft as a new skill.
I'd like to share with you a testimonial from Yumi who did one of my workshops last year and has not put down the embroidery needle and threads since then. I am SO happy to see her so inspired. The photo shows Yumi's current work in progress, she said she was inspired by the colour of the flowers (in the photo). How beautiful! The pattern being embroidered is from my limited edition prints.
"Hi Kasia, thank you for introducing me to the wonderful art of embroidery. The course was very enjoyable and it made me wish we could go back in time to a place where women used to sit and embroider for hours on end. It has been such a useful skill to have - I love that I can take my embroidery everywhere I go (even in the bath to relax!). You inspire me with your beautiful works, especially your floral motifs. I was very excited to see your new embroidery kits included some pretty floral designs. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and teaching us ever so patiently and always being so encouraging. Yumi xx"
To book in for the May workshops email me at or clik on this link for all the workshop details:

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